Kansas City Art Show

As the Kansas City show is nearing the end, Eric and I would like to send out a special thanks to everyone who made the show a success!  To everyone who came down to the gallery from near and far, thank you for spending your evening with us on April 3rd.  The laughs and conversations shared while catching up with friends and family definitely made the night memorable and fun.  For those of you that purchased one of Eric’s works, thank you for supporting him – we hope it is bringing you as much joy to see it daily as it brought Eric to create it!  To Lisa – a big thanks for the use of the space to hold the showing.  And finally to Eli and Eric R. – many thanks for helping facilitate the show and all the brainstorming sessions to get things going.

Now, Eric and I are sort of twiddling our thumbs wondering what our next project should be….It was so busy leading up to the show, we didn’t really have a chance to think about free time, because there wasn’t any.  Eric was painting non-stop and I was a busy little bee, keeping the wheels moving behind the scenes – helping him with website and facebook updates/blogs, making labels, photographing art, getting canvasses ready to hang, etc.  During all that work (and the cold weather), we became hermits of sort and you all might have thought we fell off the planet.  Well no more!  The grass is greening up and the temperatures are reaching non-bone-chilling highs, so it’s time to get out there and bike, to spend time hanging out with family and friends, and to start planning some warm weather adventures!