The Inspiration Behind the Paintings

Do you ever wonder where an artist comes up with ideas or inspiration for their work?  Some artists might say inspiration comes to them in dreams or daydreams, maybe suggestions from others, a color, a sound, or a feeling.  Eric’s inspiration is generated a lot of times from experiences and places he’s explored through his/our adventures in traveling.  His paintings aren’t photographic replicas of what he’s seen, but more of an interpretation and re-imagination of a memory.

Take for example, Sunnyside, Sunnyside Too, and Shadyside – these wooded trail paintings were inspired by trails Eric and I biked on a road trip in Idaho one summer.  The paintings call back a memory of a perfect day for some mountain biking.  The day was not too hot and a slight breeze was rustling through the leaves.  Riding several loops on these trails, we would climb through the shadows of the trees on Shadyside, then let loose in the sunshine on the rolling downhill of Sunnyside – our own little roller coaster.

With almost every painting there’s a story to tell, so if a certain painting catches your eye, you might just want to ask Eric what adventure inspired it.

Sunnyside   Sunnyside Too   Shadyside

These three paintings have all sold, but if you are interested in viewing his available works online, you can view them by clicking here.

Eric also does commissions, so if you’d like your own experience re-imagined into a painting, please send Eric a message through the contact page here.

You can see also his newest works (not on the website) in person by attending his next show opening:
April 3rd from 6:00-9:00 pm
Alpha Gallery, 2014 Main St, Kansas City, MO