Yearly Reflections

This year has passed for Eric and I in the blink of an eye – how does time fly by so quickly?

Since Eric let the painter inside loose this year, he’s had 4 art shows and continues to have his work displayed and for sale at both the Noyes Gallery in Lincoln and at the Glacial Till tasting room in Ashland.  It’s been a relatively successful year –14 paintings have sold since March!  He’s currently working on a commission piece for some friends of ours and will be doing another show in Kansas City in April 2015.  On top of all this, he found time to build a shed in our backyard, took some fun-filled trips with me, and did a lot of biking in there as well.

I’m not travelling for work anymore, so it’s been great being able to spend more time with Eric, and have time for at home hobbies.  In my spare time I’ve been working on some sewing projects, doing a little photography, biking, planning adventures and helping Eric with the social media/promotion aspect of his art shows.

Ever the explorers, we made sure to get out there and enjoy our country this year.  We were able to hit Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, California and Nevada!  Some highlights for us were attending the True/False documentary film festival in MO, meeting our friends’ beautiful new daughter in NH, eating lobster everything in ME, biking some new (to us) trails in ME and CO, hanging out in KC with friends, visiting our friends’ new home in Denver, boating at Lake of the Ozarks, tasting new wines and hiking through redwoods in CA, and of course, seeing our Aussie friends in Las Vegas.  Phew!  We’ve been busy!

This brings us to the holidays, being ever thankful for the blessings we’ve been given – loving family and friends, good jobs, good health, creativity, time and ability to travel, and of course, each other!  

Here’s hoping that you will all discover and experience your own blessings over the coming year and will have a safe and happy holiday season!