Supporting Local Artists

Even though we have a love for creating our own works of art, we still like to browse and buy other artist’s original work. One gallery that holds a special place in our hearts is The Noyes gallery here in Lincoln. This isn’t only because my mom is a gallery member – it’s also because of the unique array of creations that are available there. Each artist brings something different to the table with the subject matter and mediums they choose to express their ideas. Items range from paintings, to digital art, sculptures, to wearable art, and the list goes on.

My mom’s work for example – her current project of choice is creating Raku pieces. “Raku is a unique method of firing glazed pottery originally developed in Japan. Western Raku added the final step of placing glazed pottery into a reduction atmosphere. When a glaze reaches the melting point the pot is removed from the kiln, placed in a container with combustible materials (newspaper and sawdust) and covered with a lid removing the oxygen creating the reduction atmosphere.” Depending on the type of glaze (and sometimes a bit of luck in the reduction atmosphere), some really amazing iridescent colors come out in the final product. For now, she creates mainly wall art, ornaments, pendants and beads.

If you are in the Lincoln area, come on down to check out Karen’s items in person (plus all the other great artists there! Address: 119 S 9th St. www.noyesartgallery.com). If you aren’t in the area, you can also check out these truly unique pieces on her Etsy site: http://www.etsy.com/shop/KarenKstudio.