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Eric & Heather Meysenburg

Our Story...

On the professional side, Eric is currently Art Director for Revolution Wraps, a large format graphics company, providing direction, ideas and design for their company, and the companies they serve, to develop brand awareness and uniformity. His experience over the years ranges from print management, international packaging design, large format design, and marketing material development. He has dual bachelor’s degrees in Graphic Design and Print Management from Pittsburg State University. On the personal side, Eric is an avid mountain biker, frequent world traveler, and a passionate artist who has created some very unique, original works.

Heather is currently an Executive Assistant with Farmers Mutual of Nebraska. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing with a minor in Public Relations from Northwest Missouri State University. On the personal side, Heather’s love for travel and the outdoors has taken her many places over the years, having been to all 50 states and 29 countries so far. Along with travel, she enjoys both road and mountain biking, hiking, photography, scrap booking, cooking….the list goes on!

Married in 2011, together we make a great team! Whether it’s a project, a mountain bike trail, or a trip somewhere new and exciting, life is a never-ending discovery of adventures!

Eric Meysenburg

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Heather Meysenburg



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